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The overview of our IoT-based Health Tracking System is shown. All five body parameters will be collected by the sensors, decoded by the microcontroller units, stored by the host device, and lastly uploaded to the cloud. Doctors can easily access the data by observing the medical dashboard of a patient via our in-house developed Tele-medicine software package On the whole, the main priority of our solution is the extraction of vital sign data and making it accessible for doctors remotely.

IoT Based Vital Sign in Real-time

Due to high levels of privacy of data, sensitiveness and supply chain complexities, DMA Team has developed CMS systems for many vertical markets for effectively manage their day-to-day business. The DMA Software services can provide overall process to discover, extract and deliver outcome is complex and requires robust EMR, ERP & EAM software to ensure proper management to achieve operation efficiency, databases, control costs, data processing to enable efficiency to cut wastage of resources.

In our DMA IoT-based health tracking system, five types of human body parameters (Temperature, Oxygen Concentration, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Heart Sound) will be tracked. There are existing sensors to check these five parameters. Then naturally a question comes why our proposed solution is different. First of all, this whole IoT-based health tracking system was built up by updating the existing devices and sensors. Therefore, no production cost is required to build up a new device. Secondly, the main motto of our system is to find five outstanding techniques for data extraction from the five sensors.

DMA Ventilator – Made in Bangladesh

DMA Manufactured Ventilator – Design by Rice University & Baylor College of Medicine

Medical devices under Manufacturing..

Smart Stethoscope and recording sound, Smart Blood Pressure Machine, Smart IR Temperature, Smart Oxygen Concentration, Smart Heart Rate.

IoT Based Stethoscope and recording sound